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Analog Wall Clocks

Analog clocks: individual with pointer and dial

Analog clocks are often designed in a very appealing way and have a nostalgic charm. Some models are reminiscent of old train station clocks, which indicate the time with a beautifully ornate dial and decorative clock hands. Thanks to the mechanical clockwork, you can also hear the conventional ticking of analog wall clocks, which many people find cozy and calming.

If you rely on the tried and tested, choose spring-operated automatic watches that work without batteries. The cheaper variants of the analog wall clocks are modern quartz clocks with replaceable batteries. Quartz watches require little maintenance. You simply change it twice a year: from winter to summer time and back again.

Analog wall clock made of metal and plastic: modern and stylish!

This analog wall clock made of metal is reminiscent of the struts of an umbrella. The subtle design is kept in elegant chrome colors. The time format of the wall clock is 12 hours. But the numbers are made of plastic in black . Set a chic eye-catcher with the charming wall clock!

Analog wall clock in retro design: a little time travel for your interior

For lovers of vintage furnishings, this wall clock from AMBIA HOME is the perfect addition! Both the black frame and the curved hands perfectly match the antique design of the analog clock . The beige paper dial shows a map of the world and makes you want to go on adventurous journeys of discovery. Practical: The clock face not only shows the full hours, but also the minutes every five. A charming choice for your 4 walls!

Wall clock (analog) in white - for perfect timing

This analog wall clock in white skillfully underlines your puristic living concept. The battery-operated accessory is made of durable plastic and, thanks to the restrained color scheme, can be easily integrated into a wide range of furnishing styles. Thanks to the diameter of approx. 27.3 cm , you have the hours and minutes perfectly in view. Always keep your finger on the pulse with this wall clock (analog) in white!

Attractive wall clock with a vintage look: nostalgia for your home

This wall clock in vintage style from AMBIA HOME is the perfect accessory for your attractive living environment! The square-shaped analog clock gives your home a rustic touch and looks almost like a selected painting itself. Thanks to its size of approx. 80 x 80 cm (W x H), you can see the time from a distance. For nostalgics: a retro watch with a special charm!

Wall clock (analog) in black with gold-colored accents

This KARE wall clock (analog) in black exudes minimalist elegance. The minute and hour hands and the frame that surrounds the black dial are made of gold-colored metal.

The pane of glass is held on the frame by clamps which indicate the times 3, 6, 9 and 12. The dimensions are approx. 91 x 91 cm . This KARE wall clock (analog) in black is the ideal choice for a noble interior!

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