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Atomic Wall Clocks

Radio wall clocks have become an indispensable part of the watch market. We offer radio clocks for every taste - as a table clock or wall clock. Models with radio controlled movements are now available in almost all categories. Be it with the classic station clocks, the pendulum clocks, with high-quality, elegant wall clocks made of metal or wood. Even lovers of radio-controlled watches with practical use will find what they are looking for in models that also display useful values ​​such as temperature or humidity. The advantage of radio-controlled clocks is that they are easy to set up and use in everyday life. Always put high quality batteries in the battery compartment and hang or put the radio clock in its place. The radio clockwork starts running immediately and the clock automatically sets itself to the correct time. From now on you can read the time exactly to the second at any time. Goodbye time differences and the resulting delays. For the joy of practicality and precision.

One Arabic radio controlled wall clock

One Arabic radio controlled wall clock. This clock from Huygens provides high-contrast clarity in the stress of appointments: Wiebe Teertstra is based on the classic design of a station clock and has a straight, black and white dial. In addition to the large numbering in modern, Arabic typography, the two-row bar with minute lines makes it easier to read the time exactly. Two graceful, line-like hands support the battery-powered, always accurate radio clockwork, although the red center completely distracts from the time. The classic station clock design enhances the outer ring and the rear wall made of brushed stainless steel. Huygens Silent Clocks now equips the timelessly classic One Arabic radio-controlled wall clock with an extremely quiet, almost noiseless movement.

Classico wall clock

The name says it all: Kriptonite successfully tries its hand at the classic design of the station clock. Instead of changing the basics of the design, the Italian brand prefers high-quality workmanship. Both the wide frame and the dial are made of anodized or lacquered aluminum, while the covering glass is slightly curved. The dial is very classic - and is therefore easy to recognize and read from afar: the large, bold digits are joined by fine line marks with the tried and tested 5-minute or hour identification and pointed hands. Whether as a last check in the hallway or as an easy-to-read clock in the kitchen - where the minute matters, the classic design of the Classico wall clock by Kriptonite is popular.

Cu-Clock cuckoo clock

There are Japanese people who bring home not only a large pile of photos but also particularly original design ideas from their world trips: Naoto Fukasawa has dressed the original German wall clock in a garment for today and the day after tomorrow for the Italian manufacturer Magis. So all the better that the call of the bird built into the wall clock will still be a universally understandable language in a hundred years from now. Produced in a 2-point spray process, the plastic case of the watch impresses in clear white. Even the line-shaped clock marks, pointers and the little cuckoo only stand out from the simple white of the wall clock in their clear shape. Magis offers the sophisticated Cu-Clock cuckoo clock with different colored roofs.

Crystal Palace wall clock

Renowned designer Alessandro Mendini is fascinated by the fact that plastic looks like crystal. Despite his fascination, the old master did not create the crystalline transparency of the former London Glass Palace for the Italian brand Kartell, but rather returned to the roots, the »radical design«. Because the wall-mounted clock surprises with clear shapes: A twelve-pointed star as a dial with two simple hands sits recessed in the structured round. And with these sublime structures, Alessandro Mendini is inspired by the graphically structured paintings by Roy Lichtenstein. So we proclaim the new slogan »Kartell goes Pop«, because the battery-operated Crystal Palace wall clock with its luminescent appearance is sure to fit into trendy interiors from north to south, east to west.

Modern radio controlled clock

Refined radio-controlled wall clock from AMS. The extravagant shape and the different levels make the model an eye-catcher in every home. The back wall is made of silver lacquered wood. The silver-colored aluminum dial is printed with black, clear numerals and minute lines. Black metal hands ensure good legibility. The model is available in silver or beech / silver. To make the silver look perfect, the glass front is attached with four chrome-plated metal rivets. The integrated radio-controlled clockwork ensures that the correct time is always displayed and saves you the hassle of changing the time.

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