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Big Wall Clocks

From XXL to Mini-How big should a wall clock be?

The perfect size of a wall clock always depends on its intended use and in which room the wall clock is to be installed. In addition, the space on the wall should always be taken into account. For example, big XXL wall lights require a wide wall surface, whereas smaller wall lights also need less space.

Tic & Tac wall clock

Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet also play their fascinating game of transparency with this wall-mounted watch from the Italian brand Kartell: The crystal-clear box is adorned with delicate etched Roman numerals, while the recessed dial itself only bears conspicuously marked hands. Gloss and light effects prevent the time from being read to the minute, but the vague estimate is uncompromisingly replaced by the glossy wall decoration. In short, Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet skillfully stage the decorative weight of a watch, without neglecting the actual function of the time announcement too much. Kartell delivers the battery-operated Tic & Tac wall clock with the elegant color or metal gloss of the dial.

Max Bill wall clock

After turning completely to industrial design, the Swiss architect and artist came up with his most fundamental and best-known designs in the 1950s, among other things with the clock designs for the traditional company Junghans from Schramberg in the Black Forest: In addition to the famous wristwatches, Junghans is now again making the simply elegant ones Wall clocks. A dial made of white lacquered aluminum sits somewhat recessed in a polished aluminum frame, well protected behind a mineral glass cover. The chrome-plated hands are exactly so long that the respective hand shows the time on its numbered hour or minute ring. This modernized version of the Max Bill wall clock from Junghans naturally houses a modern, battery-operated quartz movement.

Analog wall clock

For all people who “track” time with their cell phones and smartphones, the design of a wall-mounted clock seems outdated. And it is precisely for this reason that Shane Schneck is not celebrating the technology of the modern digital age, but instead relies on proven design for the trendy Danish brand HAY. While a battery-operated mechanical quartz clockwork ticks its laps reliably inside, the classic dial in the train station clock design is optically modernized on the outside. The dial is characterized by a bend, or rather a funnel, so that the metal shape rears up to high edges. The black hour hand is stubbornly annoyed, while the minute hand gyrates happily in color. And all of this to the minute! Even if the name of the clock, Analog Wall Clock, seems less hip.

Radius wall clock

You can't run out of time - but at least you can shape it. This wall-mounted timepiece, designed by Ralph Kräuter for the German manufacturer Radius, fully corresponds to this credo: The battery-operated clock has no case and no dial in the strict sense, but only two huge long hands (46 and 40 cm) at a small center behind it the clockwork is hidden. The twelve self-adhesive hour dots therefore leave the individual sense of time of the user up to which way the clock is to inform: The clock achieves the intentional breakout from the 12-digit scheme by assembling only four metal marks - other daring abstractions of time and space are allowed.

Scope wall clock

What a play of light and shadow from the hands of the designer Erwin Termaat for the Dutch brand LEFF Amsterdam: Each day consists of twelve segments, called hours. It is precisely this - rather spatially dimensioned - conception of time that the clock is dedicated to with its dial, the hours of which are stacked like a pie. On the twelve profile edges, light and shadow are left to form the familiar geometric time star. The straight lines of the attached metal hands touch the protruding clock marks and thus clearly indicate the time of the battery-operated Japanese clockwork. The Scope wall clock from LEFF Amsterdam is confusingly different and yet graphically absolutely clear!

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