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Digital Wall Clocks

It is mainly technical fans who are looking for digital wall clocks. The advantages of digital wall clocks are certainly the numerous functions and the good legibility of the large digits on the LCD display. Digital wall clocks are usually equipped with radio mechanisms and, in addition to the time, show a lot of other valuable information. Depending on the model, we can find out the date and day of the week, the temperature or even the humidity. Many digital wall clocks also have an integrated alarm function with a snooze button. These little "technical geniuses" provide a lot of useful information in one fell swoop and are wall or table decorations at the same time. For many, it is crucial that these clocks are easy to read even in the dark. In addition, digital clocks are recommended for people who are sensitive to noise, as they are mostly powered by electricity and thus do not make any noise. The battery-operated models also work without a clockwork and are therefore not audible.

Digital clocks: accurate to the second with display

With the very precise digital clocks, you save yourself the need to set summer and winter time. They are battery operated and are regularly updated by radio. That makes them extremely precise. Above all, you can read digital clocks quickly and easily. The hours, minutes and seconds are shown in clear and easy-to-read digits on the illuminated display.

Digital radio clock weather station

Simple digital black clock with large LCD displays for best readability. The AMS digital radio clock is a battery-operated (no power cable required) wall clock. In addition to the time, the station displays the day of the week, the date, the temperature and the humidity. Further settings on this clock are not necessary, as all values ​​are set automatically by radio technology. A reliable radio-controlled clock from AMS, which due to its size can also be used in public facilities. Possible languages: German, Spanish, Italian, English and French.

Radio controlled wall clock date wood glass

Radio-controlled wall clock from AMS with a stable, silver-colored wooden back wall with decorative elements made of beech wood. The mineral glass dial is attached and seems to float above the back wall. Large black digits and hour marks ensure good legibility. Practical extra: Integrated date and weekday display in digital form. Here you have the choice between German, English and French. On the technical side, the high-quality radio-controlled clockwork ensures precise time information and long enjoyment.

Digital radio controlled wall clock living room silent

Shows you the time, date, temperature and even wakes you up at 2 times

  • Oversized time display
  • Shows temperature for indoors and outdoors
  • Shows relative indoor air humidity
  • Shows the current weekday and date
  • Wakes up at two different times
  • Automatic time and date setting

Product description:

You have a clear view of the time: you can see the time on the large display even from a distance - without having to look twice!

Always accurate to the second: thanks to the radio receiver, the clock never runs ahead or behind. The clock even takes over the change between summer and winter time for you!

Display with additional information: In addition to the time, you can also read the indoor and outdoor temperature, relative indoor air humidity, day of the week and date. Simply hang the sensor for the outside temperature outside, protected from the weather.

Even wakes you up on time: Set up to two alarm times, e.g. for yourself and your partner. And if you don't want to get up on the first ring, simply tap the snooze button for a few more minutes in bed.

  • Extra-large 19 x 11 cm LCD display
  • Oversized time display: approx. 18 x 6.5 cm
    Shows temperature for inside and outside: -9.9 to +50 C, can be switched to F
  • Shows relative indoor air humidity: 20 to 95%
    Shows day of the week and date with non-stop calendar up to 2099
  • Automatic time and date setting thanks to DCF77 radio reception
  • Alarm clock function with two alarm times and snooze button
  • Simple operation with 6 buttons and a touch button
  • Can be used as a wall or grandfather clock
  • Outside temperature sensor with a range of up to 60 m
  • Color clock: black, outside sensor: white
    Power supply for clock: 2 batteries type AA / Mignon, external sensor: 3 batteries AAA / micro (please order each)
  • Dimensions clock: 22.5 x 14.5 x 3.2 cm, weight: 406 g (with batteries)
  • External sensor dimensions: 40 x 92 x 23 mm, weight: 50 g (with batteries)
Large digital wall clock

Read time & Co from a distance without squinting your eyes

  • Large LCD display
  • Display with temperature display
  • Automatic time setting via DCF77 radio signal
  • Battery indicator
  • 7 languages
  • Alarm clock with snooze function

Product description:

All important data at a glance: Below the time, you also have the date, day of the week, indoor temperature and battery level in view.

Ingenious: the jumbo watch speaks 7 languages. You can also use it as an alarm clock for the kitchen, living room or bedroom. For late risers it offers a snooze function.

  • Jumbo wall clock with date and temperature display
  • Automatic time setting via DCF77 radio signal
  • Clear and informative: extra-large 2-line LCD display with time, temperature, date and weekday display
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
    12/24 hour display can be selected
  • Power supply: 3 AA / Mignon batteries (please order in addition)
  • Dimensions clock: 37 x 25.2 x 3.2 cm

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