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Gold Wall Clocks

The selection of designs for gold-colored wall clocks is very broad. In gold you will find clocks for different living styles:

  • Wall clocks made of brass in a classic design
  • Replicas of original ship clocks for rustic living styles
  • Modern matt gold polished metal clocks with black numerals, round, square or oval
  • Simple gold designs of wall clocks that go well with the country house style
  • Baroque clocks with noble gold frames for antique living styles
  • Gold watches for living styles such as retro or shabby chic

No matter how your room is decorated, you are sure to find a beautiful gold wall clock to match.

The predominant material for a gold watch is brass. This metal has a natural gold color. Copper can also be used for red-gold coloration of wall clocks. In addition, clocks are made of wood with a golden coating. Often several materials are used, for example if the clock is made of natural wood with a golden dial or golden pendulum or if the design is black with gold, gray with gold. For detailed material information, please always refer to the product descriptions in the shops.

If the metal clock in gold is shiny brass or copper, such a wall clock needs a polish with an appropriate care product every now and then. This way the beautiful gold shine is permanently preserved. Otherwise, these watches are simply dusted or wiped with a damp cloth and polished with a dry cloth. The maintenance effort is no greater than with other wall clocks.

Simple radio controlled watch gold

Fine radio-controlled wall clock from AMS with an easy-to-read dial with Arabic numbers. The elegant plastic case is optionally available in gold or silver. Mineral glass cover.

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