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LED Wall Clocks

LED clocks are super modern and a real eye-catcher on your bedside table or on your wrist. It is morning and your new LED clock shows 7 o'clock. High time to get up. Swap cozy ladies' satin trousers for business clothes and go to work. Have a quick breakfast and give your Ashton Kutcher poster from MovieGoods one last kiss and you're off to work. Your Led clock shows 9 o'clock. You just made it on time. During your lunch break, you run a few errands. You buy yourself some new cocktail glasses. Finally after work! Enjoy the large selection of many different Led clocks and strike. There is sure to be the right model for you. Have fun shopping and, above all, have fun with your new Led watch. A little tip, if you are looking for something sweet for your little daughter, how about a turtle cuddly toy.

Glance Bluetooth wall clock

The classic station clock "revisited" and "updated" for the new millennium: Nextime creates a multifunctional information object for the living space - and at the same time the best companion for every smartphone. Because the watch connects wirelessly with iOS or Android systems, visualizes their status messages on a large analog dial with numerous LED elements: fitness progress and email alarms are displayed here, as are appointment reminders or weather reports. If you don't just love visual stimuli, you can also use the loudspeaker integrated in the watch to use acoustic signals, e.g. B. remind of appointments. And the best part: Nextime is constantly developing new applications that the Glance Bluetooth wall clock can serve as a visual interface on the wall of the room.

LED radio wall clock

Read the time and temperature conveniently - with bright, luminous digits

  • Extra large digits
  • Room thermometer
  • Seconds running light through blue LEDs
  • Simple design thanks to the aluminum housing
  • For hanging and standing

Product description:

Read the time very easily: Your new digital watch displays the time in a particularly attractive way - with a multitude of bright blue dots. The large luminous digits are easy to read from a distance - even in the dark.

Here you can really see the time running: The seconds are displayed by a shimmering ring of dots around the time. A new LED shines for every second that has passed.

Always the exact time: thanks to the DCF77 receiver, your wall clock always shows you the exact time. The changeover to summer and winter time is also fully automatic.

Practical thermometer function:The large display shows you not only the time but also the exact room temperature. You can readjust your heating system if necessary.

Chic design object: The sturdy housing with aluminum frame is a stylish eye-catcher in every room - whether living room, kitchen, study or office.

  • With 185 bright blue LEDs
  • Extra large and clear time display with approx. 5.5 cm large digits
  • Display of hours, minutes, seconds and room temperature
  • Atomic clock time thanks to the DCF77 radio signal: automatically switches to summer and winter time
  • Stable housing in a simple design with an aluminum frame
  • For hanging or standing (support feet included)
  • Power supply: via 230 volt power supply
  • Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 3.4 cm, weight: 790 g
Digital LED wall clock

Adjusts itself fully automatically: You can always read the correct time to the second on your new stylish radio-controlled wall clock!

Informative display: In addition to the time in 24-hour format, you can also read the date and the room temperature.

Always easy to see: Thanks to a total of 412 LEDs, you can easily read the time and other information from afar, even at dusk and in the dark!

  • Large radio clock with date and temperature display
  • Time display in 12 and 24 hour format
  • Simple 3-button setting for areas with no reception
    412 very bright, red LEDs: visible from afar, yet energy-saving
  • Robust quality: painted metal and display cover made of acrylic
  • For standing or hanging (2 hanging eyelets)
  • Power supply: 230 V power supply unit (connection cable length: 175 cm)
  • Dimensions: 38 x 23 x 4 cm
  • Radio clock including power supply - Digital LED wall clock - Also relevant or suitable for: large, jumbo, office, vintage, lunartec, illuminated, illuminated, thermometer, digital wall, noctilucent

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