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Contemporary Wall Clocks

A modern wall clock is more than a time display. It is also a living accessory, an art object or a design element. It can underline or emphasize the selected living style or make a statement. It can be a splash of color in a simple environment or it can blend in harmoniously. Modern wall clocks are often made of wood, glass or metal. Selected materials ensure a high-quality look.

Modern style: frameless timekeepers in a clean metallic look

In the modern furnishing style, your living room is characterized by clear lines and cool colors. Here you can relax from the leather sofa and enjoy the view of an extravagant wall clock that works without a frame, for example as a metallic XXL clock in the form of a sun with sunbeams as a clock hand. Do you prefer it subtle? A minimalist wall clock on a slate plate with gold-colored pointers looks good above a simple TV sideboard.

Tip: Incidentally, gold or white numbers on a dark background are easier to read than black numbers on white from a greater distance.

Wall clock made of iron in silver colors: future imperfect

With this iron wall clock in silver colors (diameter: approx. 55 cm) you can bring an interesting mix of styles into your home. While the design cites the golden era of space travel in the 1960s, the uniform coloring creates a purist, modern touch. With this wall clock made of iron in silver colors , the signs of the times are pointing to style!

Ball wall clock

According to legend, the Ball Clock is the result of a heavily drunk evening round with colleagues in 1948: When cleaning up the next morning, George Nelson found a sketch of a wall clock along with other scribbles on a piece of drawing paper. Since none of his friends can remember who made the drawing, George Nelson refined and completed the design of the wall clock.

George Nelson designed the wall clock with its typical spherical wreath on individual wooden sticks in different colors as early as 1948: With this Vitra Ball Clock, colored, lacquered wooden spheres, which are arranged in a circle around the central, battery-operated clockwork, symbolize the usual clock marks such as numerals, for example. The metal, arrow-shaped hands are held in a charming black, yellow or gray color.

The Vitra clocks by George Nelson, with their variety of materials and sculptural forms, embody the lifestyle of the modern, progressive 1950s. Vitra offers this George Nelson design, which is over 60 years old, with a modern quartz movement (incl. 1.5 V battery), as the Ball Clock is still a refreshing alternative to conventional timepieces.

Eye clock wall clock

George Nelson's original design from 1957 was smaller, but the scale is exactly right for this replica by Vitra. With its new size and thanks to the exquisite mix of materials, this wall-mounted clock now has an impressive object character: the number indices become eyelids and the "pupil" in its pointer circle clearly bears constructivist features.

The Eye Clock by George Nelson is one of the most modern and extraordinary wall clocks that Vitra offers. George Nelson designed the wall clock in the spirit of the 50s and with the goal of the time to bring modern design directly into American homes. Today the Swiss manufacturer Vitra has these unique designs ready. In his design, George Nelson also made sure that the Eye Clock wall clock can be easily attached to the wall and only a standard AA battery (incl.) Is required for the quartz clockwork.

Ribbonwood wall clock

Wooden but not at all stiff: Michelle Ivankovic stylized a watch-shaped margarite blossom for the Canadian brand. Six strips of beech plywood, perfectly crafted in the shape of a loop, create an airy dial, so that the twelve clock marks indicate the time with an unusually wide but striking effect. And the battery-operated clockwork is hidden under the multi-covered center point. Michelle Ivankovic first developed her watch in metal strips, but Umbra successfully changed her mind to use beech wood, which was bent under steam, which gives the watch more body and thus makes a more impression. Because the Ribbonwood wall clock has a total diameter of half a meter!

Modern wooden wall clock made of solid wood

The latest model is the perfect symbiosis between modernity and nature. Between purism and extravagance. Between functionality and aesthetics. Solidly built from natural, oiled oak. Striking through the structure and the design. Solid due to the depth of 4 cm.

Solid is more than a wall clock. It is a piece of real nature for your home. A homage to the preciousness of time. Of transience.

The simple design made of solid oak is only interrupted by the precisely milled minute and hour lines. The focus is on the wood.

The fine structure. Each model is unique. Just like every tree is unique. The hands are available in 3 different tones. All tones are deliberately chosen naturally. Nuances from nature. Harmoniously matched to the color of the woods. On the functional side, Junghans movements - made in Germany - offer maximum convenience. They are noiseless and ensure that absolutely no annoying ticking can be heard.

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