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Quartz Wall Clocks

Tempo wall clock

Timepiece with the strictest geometric diction by the Japanese Naoto Fukasawa for the Italian company Magis: the dial and hands of the watch are reduced to the essentials, namely the mathematical concept of the line as a segment and circle. Produced using the 2-point injection molding process, the plastic housing impresses in clear white; The frame, digits and hands of the clock, on the other hand, are printed in color. The common line widths ensure a coherent graphic overall impression of the watch. Contrary to its name, the Tempo wall clock from Magis will not press the speed pedal, but will go pretty smoothly and on time with its battery-operated quartz clock drive.

Quartz station clock

The time for you in really big! For good reason, the classic design of the station clock has hardly changed for decades.

Day in, day out, the platform clocks prove themselves with their simple, elegant look and optimal readability from afar. Some station clocks have even achieved cult status. Not only for railway fans.

Beautify your home or business premises with a timelessly beautiful wall clock design. Enjoy the fascinating mixture of platform romance and nostalgic flair paired with modern precision.

  • Silver-colored design case
  • Diameter approx. 22.5 cm
  • Reliable quartz drive
  • Clearly structured dial
  • Practical spacers for perfect wall mounting
  • Requires 1 AA Mignon battery - Analog wall clock - Also relevant or suitable for: retro, analog, train station, clockwork, vintage, clockwork, clock mechanism
Analog wall station clock with creeping quartz clockwork

A chic eye-catcher everywhere: the classic, timeless train station clock design cuts a fine figure on every wall. And thanks to the creeping clockwork it can hardly be heard.

Easy to read the time: Thanks to the tidy dial, you can easily see the time from a distance. So you always know exactly what time it is to the second.

  • Analog wall clock in the classic station clock look
    Stylish and barely audible: thanks to the creeping quartz movement
  • Easily readable, clearly structured dial
  • Dial, black hour and minute hands, red second hand, on a white background
  • Eyelet for hanging
  • Material: polypropylene (plastic)
  • Power supply: 1 AA / Mignon battery (please order separately)
  • Dimensions ( x D): 22.5 x 4 cm, weight: 340 g (without battery)

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