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Silent Wall Clocks

We offer silent wall clocks for every taste. Due to the great demand for these models, we have expanded our range here and are mainly accepting new suppliers who work with low-noise movements. Models with low-noise movements are now available in almost all categories. Be it with the classic station clocks, with the pendulum clocks, with noble wall clocks made of metal or wood. All models can be hung up in the office, bedroom or even in the children's room without hesitation. Annoying ticking noises are a thing of the past. Enjoy your time.

One Index wall clock

This clock from Huygens provides high-contrast clarity in the stress of appointments: Wiebe Teertstra is based on the classic design of a train station clock and has a straight, black and white dial. Instead of large numbering, the two-row bar with minute lines and distinctive 5-minute markers makes it easier to read the time exactly. Two delicate, line-like hands support the battery-powered quartz movement, although the red center completely distracts from the time. The classic station clock design enhances the outer ring and the rear wall made of brushed stainless steel. Huygens has now equipped the timelessly classic One Index wall clock with an extremely quiet, almost noiseless movement.

Minimal wall clock

The name says it all: BOX32 Design designed a simple clock concept for Karlsson, which runs through the Dutch distributor Present Time, that elegantly copies the typical train station design of many wall clocks. Because instead of simple materiality, the Belgian design team relies on a shiny metallic frame for the minimal dial with fine line marks. And this comes with a pronounced strength or depth, in order to put a striking exclamation mark on the wall! Whether in the office or at home - the Minimal wall clock by Present Time blends in with an elegant and reserved interior, but still makes time an eye-catcher.

Butterfly Hands wall clock

Completely without pictorial butterfly wings, but just as smoothly: Ruben van Boxtel and Reinier Buijs construct a restrained design of a clock to be attached to the wall for Karlsson, who run the Dutch distributor Present Time. The dial, which is kept in neutral colors, is joined by delicate lines as hour markers. Two ordinary, but quite fine hands indicate the time analogously. The simple design is rounded off by a deep frame, which has almost the same color as the dial. Whether in the office or at home - the Butterfly Hands wall clock from Karlsson shows the time cautiously but conscientiously.

Stelton Time wall clock

An all-round successful, modern design experiment from the Danish company: Jehs + Laub simplify the traditional watch design without losing sight of the overall benefit. The minute hand merges into a stylized case silhouette that rotates every minute, while the hour hand protrudes boldly as usual. Since the dial, which has been simplified to form a ring, is somewhat spaced from the wall, an interesting shadow is cast there, which changes its appearance over the course of the day. In addition, Stelton equips the Time wall clock in a delicate but solid construction made of aluminum, in the middle of which a modern quartz clockwork turns its laps very quietly.

Arne Jacobsen wall clock

With this classic watch from the Danish company Rosendahl, having the time under control is effortless - at least visually. Because its dial is clear, distinct and unambiguous: the hour marks are not simply watch brands, but count the hours using a chain of dots as a new definition of punctuality. The watch design, kept simple in aluminum and mineral glass and at the same time ingeniously divided, was conceived by the designer legend Arne Jacobsen for the Danish National Bank in 1971. More than the slim hands, the red center of the watch captivates the time observer. Rosendahl supplies the timelessly classic, battery-operated Bankers wall clock in two sizes (incl. 2 x AA batteries).

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