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Small Wall Clocks

Watch Me wall clock

Uniquely graphic, uniquely puristic: Rasmus Gottliebsen doesn't want to educate anyone to be more punctual. Rather, he wants to create a relaxed relationship to time and space with his design for the Danish brand Normann Copenhagen. The eight metal block strips are arranged symmetrically to a dial like a fan, with the "12" on top and the "1" on the bottom. Even if the two hands are distinctively colored, reading the time is more of an estimate if you don't need it to the second. Timelessly appealing in design, wonderfully relaxed in time - Rasmus Gottliebsen has implemented his aesthetic approach perfectly with his Watch me wall clock from Normann Copenhagen!

Life In Progress clock

"Life is too short to wait" is the headline of Lyon Beton in its striking design made of fiber-reinforced concrete. And the little concrete block is extremely flexible in use: as a wall clock, it loves to look down with its slanted dial. As a table clock, it will be a stumbling block on the table and on the shelf - either lying lazily on its back or standing steadily on its broad side (8 cm). This flexible use is made possible by the simply divided dial: The twelve line marks appear with a growing depression in the lightweight fiber concrete. However positioned as a table clock or wall clock - according to Lyon Beton, the Life In Progress clock invites you to think about life, everyday life, God and the world with its simple design.

Rim wall clock

"Less is more": Truly - blomus seduces Mies van der Rohe's motto into a thoroughly simple watch. At home between industrial design and minimalism, the wall-mounted clock design comes tone-on-tone, even if different materials are used. The smooth dial, without any digits or marks, is framed by a narrow metal rim. On its round, two simple straight hands turn as short hour and long minute hands. Since you cannot read to the minute anyway, the second hand is of course superfluous for this puristic design. Consequently, with the battery-operated Rim wall clock from blomus, estimating the time is more of the trend. What you can't do without in minimalism!

Dimension wall clock

Thanks to its clear graphic structure, this watch by the Danish manufacturer and designer Jacob Jensen is ideally readable from a distance, looks striking and light, and convinces the purist with its numeral-free dial and floating hands. But when viewed directly face to face, the minimalist clock reveals its actual shape and dimensions that surprise the viewer: from close up, the wall clock shows depth, solid structure and detailed workmanship - a creative formal contradiction of the Dimension Clock, which is entirely in line with the famous Jacob Jensen's design philosophy navigates!

Franky wall clock

A decorative box in various materials: Karlsson supplies the classic clock as a square frame that is so deep that the clock can not only be hung on the wall, but also stand on its base. And this in various materials: wood lovers turn to bamboo, industrial design pendants to concrete, nature lovers to cork! Made from one material through and through, the watch does not show an actual dial, so the time has to be read off the three hands with a good eye. But who can read a time to the second? Whether in the office or at home, on the desk or on the bookshelf - nobody can miss the Franky wall clock and table clock from Karlsson, which are sold by the Dutch distributor Present Time!

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