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Antique Wall Clocks

Classic style: well-rounded with individual motif clocks

The living room is a place of retreat for you, where you can relax in the relaxation armchair. Curved wall clocks, which emphasize the harmonious impression of the room with their round shapes, go well with the classic style with natural book walls and soft carpets. It looks interesting when the two-part dial made of frosted glass and wood picks up on the tone of your wooden furniture. Wall clocks with surrounding picture frames that give you space for photos give your living room even more individuality.

Wall clock "Old Town" in a trendy vintage look

This unusual wall clock not only shows the time, but also looks like a small work of art thanks to the beautiful color scheme and the Roman clock face . The analog clock was kept in red and blue and has a vintage label . Enjoy your new watch every time you check the time!

Wall clock (oval) in vintage style: Do you tick a little differently?

With clear reminiscences of the past, this wall clock (oval) in vintage style reminds you that time never stands still. The retro look is expressed in the design of the satin cast iron case with a crown, reminiscent of a classic pocket watch.

Behind the glass you can read on the dial in a nostalgic design with French flair what has struck the hour. Battery-powered, the hands turn lap after lap across the 12-hour display. Your new wall clock (oval) in vintage style sets the pace for an inspiring living style!

Cool wall clock in a trendy vintage look

With its attractive vintage design, this wall clock looks almost like an unusual work of art! Several boards made of sturdy fiberboard were grouped together. The 12 numbers of the analog clock with colorful backgrounds and different fonts were applied to it. The watch looks antique due to its special design. The beautiful slogan in English rounds off the charming design: "Time spent with the family is worth every second!"

Round wall clock in vintage design: a little time travel for your interior

For lovers of nostalgic furnishings, this wall clock in vintage style (diameter: approx. 51 cm) is the perfect addition. Both the gray-brown frame with a used look and the curved hands match the antique design of the analog clock. The beige paper clock face adorns a historical map of the world and makes you want to go on adventurous journeys of discovery. Practical: The time format not only shows the full hours, but also the minutes. This wall clock in vintage design is a charming choice for your retro kitchen, romantic bedroom or living room interior with shabby chic. Turn back the time!

Wall clock with a trendy vintage look: a little time travel for your living environment

This wall clock from AMBIA HOME adorns your wall with the charm of bygone times! The clock with Roman dial fits perfectly with your romantic interior style. The antique-looking leaf harmonises with the frame in black, filigree decorations round off the vintage look of the watch. Let yourself be amazed by the unique style of this analog wall clock every time you check the time!

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