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Wall Clocks for Bathroom

Bathroom clocks are always a great purchase for the bathroom. How often do you stand in front of the mirror for too long and thus forget the time ?! The whole morning is ruined there too! You just try to get to work as quickly as possible and often you can't drink the fresh coffee or finish the muesli. With a bathroom clock, that doesn't happen so quickly anymore. Bathroom clocks can also look really good, thanks to brands like Ofform, Kela, TFA or Nextime. Bright colors such as blue, yellow or green are particularly refreshing. But white bathroom clocks are also a classic. Where you hang this watch in the end is up to you. But after a short time you will notice that a bathroom clock, regardless of whether it hangs on the wall or is a very useful purchase on the bathroom cabinet. Then you can manage your time in the bathroom much better. So, take a look around and let yourself be surprised by the selection.

For the bathroom: robust and waterproof

It is often damp in the bathroom and the wall clock can get a few splashes of water. Therefore, use waterproof models made of sturdy plastic. Stainless steel clocks are also suitable for the bathroom, as the high level of humidity cannot harm the metal.

Waterproof radio- controlled wall clock
  • Lasts in wind and weather: radio clock for inside & outside with large digits
  • Holds in wind and weather: Perfectly readable clock for indoors and outdoors
  • Water and weatherproof radio wall clock: Protection class IPX 7
  • Designer case sealed with silicone: diameter 31 cm
  • White high-gloss lacquer, clear acrylic glass pane
  • Very easy to read: black, extra-large digits on a pearly white dial

Product description:

Finally a wall clock that is always accurate to the second that likes to hang outside and in wet rooms: This elegant radio-controlled wall clock from St. Leonhard feels right at home even when it is wet !

The sealed silicone seams do not let a drop into the sensitive movement. So it holds tight even in heavy rain showers or high humidity.

  • Practical and yet classy: the extra-large, black digits can be easily read on the pearly white background, even from a distance . The white, high-gloss lacquered designer housing gives it an elegant look .
  • Waterproof radio- controlled wall clock: Protection class IPX7 (protected against temporary immersion)
  • Designer case sealed with silicone : diameter 31 cm
  • White high-gloss lacquer, clear acrylic glass pane
  • Perfect for terrace, balcony, garden, garage, pool area and bathroom
  • Radio-accurate time, high-quality quartz movement: automatically switches from summer to winter time
  • Very easy to read from afar: black, extra- large digits on a pearly white dial
  • Working temperature range: 0 to 55 C
  • Requires 1 battery (type AA, please order in addition)

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