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Wall Clocks for Bedroom

Wall clocks in the bedroom should be one thing above all else: quiet. A loudly ticking analog wall clock is a disadvantage here. On the other hand, modern digital wall clocks in subtle shades are recommended, which ensure a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom.

For the bedroom: sophisticated and quiet

A digital wall clock can complement the radio alarm clock in the bedroom. Digital clocks get by without ticking hands. Special functions such as an integrated date and weekday display are helpful so that you not only know what time it is but also what day when you wake up. Additional weather information also helps you choose the right outfit for the day.

Tip: Analog wall clocks that are labeled as "low-noise" by the manufacturer are also suitable for the bedroom.

Wall clock in silver and white - for glittering hours

This wall clock in silver and white is not only a practical companion in everyday life, but also fascinates as a shining decorative accessory. A frame made of shiny glass stones , surrounded by mirror glass , adorns the dial. The Roman numerals give the chic look a classic touch.

Whether in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, the clock becomes a shimmering highlight everywhere. The little helper can be mounted on the wall in no time at all. Functionality in the finest design: With this wall clock in silver and white you will always leave the house on time and with a twinkle in your eyes!

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