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Wall Clocks for Kitchen

In no other room can you find a clock as often as in the kitchen. And nowhere does a clock make as much sense as in the kitchen. It is important to keep an eye on the time during cooking and baking so that the spaghetti does not get too soft and the roast does not burn. Some cooks have a good sense of time and can estimate the time. For the cooks who do not have a kitchen clock in their stomach, it is very practical to have such a clock above the stove or on the kitchen cabinet. In addition, many kitchen clocks have a small timer under the dial, which makes cooking a lot easier. Many clocks are also designed in a decorative form that has something to do with cooking: Whether as a pizza face, with a kitchen knife and fork disguised as a pointer or as a teapot. The price range for kitchen clocks ranges from € 7 for a kitchen clock with a rose pattern to € 60 for a designer clock with a timer from KARE DESIGN.

For the kitchen: practical models with culinary motifs

In the kitchen, a multifunctional wall clock with a short-term alarm clock reminds you to take the breakfast egg off the stove or to get the cake out of the oven. This makes it a good alternative to the egg timer.

Appetizing images of herbs or fresh vegetables are popular motifs for analog kitchen clocks. Kitchen wisdoms are also appealing and stimulate thought with a wink.

Kitchen clock with timer in the popular vintage design

Your new kitchen clock in bright red brings a good mood into your kitchen! The lacquered metal case is fitted with 2 clocks. The analog clock shows the regular time, while an integrated kitchen alarm clock can be used as a timer. When baking cakes or cooking the Sunday roast, the egg timer with an integrated acoustic signal helps you to cook food precisely. Particularly attractive: the watch was designed in a charming vintage look . An appealing kitchen clock with an additional function!

Daniel wall clock

Unfortunately, we cannot reveal who the makers of the Danish brand Broste Copenhagen specifically thought of when they came up with a name. But our hot tip is that the »timeless« Scandinavian design fits into almost any interior. The clock to be attached to a wall comes in a round frame made of lacquered birch wood. The colored dial shows simple line marks every 5 minutes. The three hands are just as inconspicuous - from the wafer-thin second hand to the short, thick hour hand. Whether in the kitchen as a visual reminder that time is running out too quickly, or as a visually pimped up station clock in the office - this Daniel always comes at the right time as a wall clock!


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