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Wall Clocks for Living Room

Living room wall clocks are often the focal point of the room and contribute significantly to the atmosphere of the room. Large, decorative XXL wall clocks are particularly suitable here, which become real eye-catchers in the living room. Wall clocks made of wood also ensure a particularly cozy and homely feeling of space.

For the living room: fashionable and stylish

The design of the wall clock plays a decisive role in the living room, because the clock should fit stylishly and harmoniously into the room as a decorative object. A pendulum clock looks elegant and cozy.

Tip: Watches made from natural materials such as wood radiate warmth and cosiness, while metal or glass look cool. A mix of materials brings more variety to the room.

From the German living room to the French second-hand bookshop

With this wall clock you travel imaginary to the Paris of bygone times. The antique case made of enamelled iron fits into your industrial interior with the visible screw heads. At the same time, the look in gold and silver gives it a nostalgic touch. The filigree hands and the "Antiquité de Paris" lettering underline this style.

A glance at the clock will take you to Rue Marillo, which is in the 8th Arondissement. Lively business and Parc Monceau are right next to each other - a symbol of the exciting and relaxed moments in your home. The clock with the distinctive suspension can be installed in any room. So don't forget the time while you immerse yourself in French literature or organize a sociable raclette evening with friends. This wall clock gives your interior a touch of vintage!

Wall clock (round) made of wood - a different kind of sundial

This wall clock (round) made of wood combines different aspects of nature in a graceful design. The light brown wood and the filigree sun pattern harmonize wonderfully. The black pointers contrast effectively with the light background. With a diameter of approx. 60 cm, the battery-operated clock shows the time in analogue in 12-hour format . The round wooden wall clock is an accessory that will make your living room shine!

Wall clock made of metal in silver colors

With this silver-colored metal wall clock you always know what hour has struck. At the same time you set an elegant accent in your living room. The minimalist design completely dispenses with numerals and second hands, thereby emphasizing the glossy coloring and smooth surface made of powder-coated steel . With a diameter of approx. 60 cm, the battery-operated clock shows the time analogously in 12-hour format. The wall clock made of metal in silver colors is an eye-catcher that is guaranteed not to escape anyone!

Wall clock (round) with map of the world: the earth in the sign of the times

This round wall clock with a world map expresses your cultural openness through the printed motif and exudes a distinctive touch of adventure that makes you want to travel. Until then, the two hands made of painted black plate show how the minutes go by. 3 Roman numerals are used for orientation in the 12-hour format.

In addition to the print, the face of stained and varnished mango wood (solid) acts as a rustic background for current affairs. A battery-operated wall clock (round) with a world map, which has a diameter of approx. 76 cm , contributes decoratively to a very special living room!

Momento wall clock

A statement on the wall at the time: Aldo Rossi initially designed a striking but timelessly elegant wristwatch for the Italian brand Alessi in the early 1990s. A short time later, Aldo Rossi converted the strikingly wide ring around the dial into an imposing wall version. The surrounding world is reflected in the high-gloss polished stainless steel, and current events almost fade into the background. When it comes to designing the dial, on the other hand, Aldo Rossi does not dare to try anything new, but rather interprets the classic station clock design with slightly curved digits to the typical punctiform 5-minute marks and line-shaped second marks. The Momento wall clock is a timeless design classic due to its well thought-out design.

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