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Wall Clocks with Pendulum

You either know pendulum clocks yourself from old times or you can still see them hanging next to the HARK fireplace with your grandparents. The pendulum clock was a welcome as well as a practical living accessory at the time. However, you only know them as they are in your memory from the past and those are not exactly blooming memories. Old-fashioned, colorless and boring are probably the adjectives that would describe a pendulum clock. Today the word pendulum clock has a whole new meaning. There is a large selection of a wide variety of pendulum clocks. Green, blue, red, yellow or orange are among other things the colors that should shine in your living room. So you can match the color of the pendulum clock to the Monaco furniture. But the right wallpaper, which should be visible behind the pendulum clock, also plays an important role. You can also set additional accents by placing a few beautiful orchids under the clock.

Tips before buying pendulum wall clocks

  • The swinging or rotating of a pendulum sets the pace of the clock
  • Large pendulum clocks that you can put down look particularly nostalgic and elegant
  • Wooden clocks in dark nuances radiate comfort and warmth
  • Tip: The clock is set by aligning the pendulum in an inclined position
Stylish double pendulum clock made of wood and glass

The wall clock by AMS perfectly transforms the nostalgic charm of a solid wood pendulum clock into a modern version. The solid wood frame holds the mineral glass in an invisible way. The model gains in lightness. The aluminum dial appears to float in the middle of the watch. The black minute lines, digits and metal hands ensure that the time is easy to read. The metal pendulum skilfully picks up the tone of the dial and the sidebars. The elegantly curved shape of the case makes the watch a collector's item. On the technical side, a low-noise movement from the Junghans brand ensures long-term enjoyment.

Pendulum clock made of solid oak & low-noise mineral glass

Eichwald - A pendulum clock that harmoniously combines tradition and modernity. She reinterprets the subject of wood and manages to combine simplicity and warmth through straight lines and no frills design. Like all natuhr models, the Eichwald pendulum clock is made from real materials. The body is made of solid oak. Regional production is one of Natuhr's most important principles. Every single piece is made in Germany with great attention to detail and great importance is attached to the respectful use of all materials. Particularly noteworthy is the use of bright white Satinato mineral glass, which is one of the highest quality and most expensive glasses. The pendulums are deliberately given a fine matt structure. On the technical side, high-quality, quiet Junghans movements for long enjoyment. As far as possible, all models are packed in environmentally friendly packaging materials. These wooden pendulum clocks are timepieces for several generations and handcrafted collector's items equipped with the best clock technology currently available. Natuhr offers a manufacturer's guarantee of 2 years on the Eichwald radio pendulum wall clocks.

Classic pendulum wall clock wood

Radio-controlled wall clock from AMS made of solid wood. A rustic look is guaranteed here. The wall clock from AMS exudes its cozy charm not only through its appearance, but also through the smell when unpacking this noble piece. The number ring, which was placed finely on the dial, is also in brass / gold color, as is the noble, shiny pendulum. The clock is available in oak and alder wood. When it comes to the movement, you have the choice between a quiet quartz movement or an accurate radio-controlled movement.

Rustic radio pendulum clock wood

The radio-controlled pendulum clock from AMS exudes a rustic, homely scent through its real wooden housing when you open the packaging. The model is very high quality. In the upper area of ​​the AMS pendulum clock, the dial was attached behind the door lined with mineral glass. The small roof was shaped to match the round shape of the dial and protrudes over the base frame of the case on the left and right. Grooved columns were attached to the left and right, ending with gold rings at the top and bottom. The dial was designed in white for the best possible legibility of the time. The Roman numerals are used for orientation and form the center of this special wall clock with the black, filigree hands. The brass-colored metal ring around the dial underlines the noble workmanship and harmonizes perfectly with the wood. Using the melody switch on the clockwork, the percussion melodies can either be completely turned off or various settings can be made. There is the classic Westminster chime on the hour or every 15 minutes and the Bim-Bam half-hour chime. The signals sound with cumulative hourly progression. The night shutdown can also be set, as can the volume of the signals, which can be set to three levels.

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